Below are a selection of very real images of actual unidentified flying craft from all around the world (and even the moon!). All Australian photos are available in another gallery and have details about each image. There are no details in our Worldwide Photos but none is necessary, these photographs speak volumes. Unfortunately no one here speaks photograph so you will have to make what you will of the images!
      Of course these photos alone do not provide conclusive proof that Earth has received extra-terrestrial visitors but bear in mind that most have previously been scientifically analysed and thoroughly investigated. Many are de-classified Government and NASA photographs, some are frames from video footage but all are most definitely UFO phenomena. Until the aliens walk up to us on the streets or they show it on the evening news there will always be disbelief in their existence. Please see our flying saucer guide
and remember these photos may be a quality selection but governments keep all the REALLY good ones!
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