In January 1966, a blue-grey saucer was seen rising vertically to a height of 20 metres from above the Horseshoe Lagoon at Tully. It was in early morning, conditions were fine and the witness, George Pedley, claimed that it was definitely a solid object, not a light or cloud that he saw. Upon reaching the lagoon he noticed that a circle of water was still rotating clockwise. Swordgrass within the circle had floated to the surface. UFO investigators attended the site and the RAAF reported that it may have been a whirlwind.

Another famous alleged Australian UFO landing site is shown here at Forbes, in NSW. This strange, 6 metre circular patch of dead and singed thistles was noticed by the owner of the field. There were reports of strange craft flying overhead at night by townspeople around that time. When RAAF technicians attended the site they claimed there were no unusual heat or radiation readings. The dead and flattened bush soon disappeared leaving bare earth. The patch took some time to regrow and it is claimed that one can still see the 6 metre outline, as the grass does not grow as well as shrubs out

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