Everybody has their views on the UFO situation; the abductions, the sightings, the crashed saucers, the alien survivors... Does it all sound just a little too much like far-fetched nonsense? Well not to us and certainly not to the U.S. Government. Quite simply, flying saucers of alien civilisations do visit us, some have crashed, at least 17, and some of these are contained in the S-4 section of the infamous Area51 zone in Nevada. Also there is an alien habitat in this S-4 sector where live aliens have been contained. There are at least 9 different alien cultures that we know about, including one that closely resembles humans. But read on to see just how serious the U.S. are about flying saucers and their pilots!

In the United States the UFO phenomenon really hit the public spotlight on 24 June, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold, an experienced pilot flying over Mt. Ranier, in Washington State, reported seeing a formation of nine glowing saucer-shaped objects flying at high altitude. In his statement he likened the objects to 'flying saucers' and so the myth was born. The report had massive media coverage but suddenly, and perhaps due to government intervention, Mr. Arnold's 'flying saucer's'  were retitled as UFOs, a far more general 'just another phenomena type' category. This helped to reduce somehow the relevance and implications of the forthcoming wave of sightings across America, and also Europe, where the subject even came up openly a number of  times in British Parliament. Obviously though this was not the first alien craft that had crashed on our soil. In 1939 a craft did crash in Germany, near the Balkan Sea. It contained 12 aliens and a small group was sent from the U.S., as were groups sent from other nations, to examine the find. A craft also crashed at Spitzenbergen, Switzerland, which may have contained reptilian aliens from a civilisation millions of years older than ours. Both of these craft did eventually end up in the hands of the U.S. Government. The knowledge of these crashes was limited to a very select group from certain nations. However the most famous incident occurred at Roswell, New Mexico on 2 July, 1947, only just over a week after Mr. Arnold's 'flying saucers'. Finally the U.S. had their own saucer crash and that really set the ball in motion. Please see the Majic-12 document relating to these two public U.S. incidents here. The following paragraph is a 'behind the scenes' summary of events which begin five days later at Roswell Army Air Base, Roswell, New Mexico.

On 7 July 1947 the Roswell Army Air Base was informed of the crashed flying saucer by a farmer named William Max Bresel. A part of the craft had also came down at nearby Madelina. Immediately they reacted sending a secret operations group to recover the wreckage. Obviously the military were not trained for these sorts of contingencies otherwise the Press Relations Officer at the Roswell base would never have released the news that a flying saucer had crashed to the United State's media press. Basically it was a long holiday weekend and many senior staff members were not at work to take control but at home with their families. The operations group recovered the wreckage and parts were sent through Air Material Command to the Air Force Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State Mr. George C. Marshall. He formed and sent his own personal team to examine the wreckage. It was indeed an extraterrestrial craft, or half a craft, and there were no occupants. The four alien pilots were found by a helicopter search approximately two miles east of the main wreckage. They were all dead (maybe 1 still alive and taken to Los Alamos Air Force Base but died soon after) and badly composed from their five days under the elements and as a source of food to nearby wildlife.

Mr. George Marshall immediately formed  a committee to specialise in UFO related matters. The Roswell incident was deemed a matter of National Security by the General Staff of the Pentagon and two days later the flying saucer became a simple weather balloon, but it was too late. The word had already spread around the world. There were just too many witnesses, too many reports, and everybody knew that whatever had crashed at Roswell it was far more significant than a weather balloon.

Because of the 50 year de-classification process a U.S. Army Officer named Philip Corso in 1997 made the following report. He claimed to be a member of the team sent to recover the wreckage and to be personally responsible for handling much of the debris.
He had different pieces of the craft sent to selected companies for 'back engineering' and consequently came accelerated breakthroughs in the technologies of fibre optics, laser, micro-circuitry and night vision devices. From what we have learned, the flying saucer, the entire disc itself, is like a huge electronic circuit, completely coated with nickel. The circuit is only complete when the aliens are aboard and strapped in, with electronic headbands on and their hands and fingers on the control board. Later microscopic examination at Area51 of a finger-board control device from the wreckage revealed tiny fibres on the ''handprint'. The saucer is itself an electromagnetic generator and an antigravitational propulsion system. Lieutenant Col. Wendelle Stevens(ret.) of the Air Force Air Technical Intelligence Centre, and who was also responsible for verifying certain Billy Mieir photographs, also confirms that a flying saucer did in fact crash at Roswell in 1947. Click here to see the Roswell alien picture and autopsy report. Also click here to view the de-classified Majestic-12 documents outlining their conclusions on the Roswell incident. Lt. Col. Stevens was also present at the next crash which occurred on 25 March 1948 at Aztec, New Mexico.

This time there was no knee-jerk press release. The Secretary of State, George C. Marshall had formed his committee which comprised of six top level scientists and six senior generals. Documents released in 1987, in particular a memorandum, show that President Harry S. Truman personally authorised this 12 member team, codenamed Majestic-12. See that information here.
President Truman also placed an Executive Order on maintaining the secrecy of the situation.The committee had trained recovery (DERO-Downed Extraterrestrial Recovery Operations) and security teams as well as put in place an established secrecy program operating strictly on a need to know basis. The subject was not to be discussed with anyone. So in March 1948, when Army Air Traffic Control reported some strange readings, a helicopter was immediately sent to the location from nearby Durango Army Base, Colorado. The pilot confirmed that a flying saucer had indeed crashed. This time the saucer was mostly complete though badly damaged. The 12 member committee (Majestic-12) attended immediately as did off course their special teams. All nearby residents were kept inside their homes for three days straight because of a 'deadly chemical spill', and by which time there was not a trace of the craft left. The special team discovered how to take the craft apart. According to Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens and another witness who took part in the recovery, Major Armstrong, certain levers in the control dome released pizza-shaped wedges of the saucer, which was 100ft in diameter and very thin. Advanced fibre optic and laser type mechanisms were used in the control dome, which was about 20ft by 20ft size, and there were 5 aliens on board. All had perished in the crash and were later found to be all male with an average height of 4ft 3inches. They had big eyes, long arms and fingers, and were wearing a military-style tight, zip-up uniform. Major Armstrong also said that two of the aliens had an ensignia on the shoulder of their uniform which he felt indicated rank. See an alleged photograph of one here.

The alien bodies were removed and given under the control of Doctor Detley Bronk, Majic-12 member and bio-medical scientist specialising in, you guessed it, exobiology, asserting whether life was possible and/or probable on other planets. The craft was taken in separate pieces to the nearest Atomic Energy Commission facility. In fact all reported crashed saucers, all 17 of them, end up belonging to the Atomic Energy Commission and to this day still do. The AEC also happens to control the infamous Area 51 region and this is where the bulk of the crashed UFO crafts are kept. Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, is a restricted area 6 by 10 miles in size and 145km north of Los Vegas. According to many, many, witnesses, there have been test flights of flying saucers by the military and there are reports of a device at Area51
which is allegedly used to magnify the earth's gravitational field within a certain range to aid the test flights. These test flights of recovered alien flying saucers is codenamed Project Snowbird. Please check out the video of one such test flight below...

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