One witness, a physicist named Robert Lazar has worked at this S-4 location, and claims that there is an extensive UFO research facility here, as well as an alien habitat where captured live aliens have been kept alive for up to several years at a time. Mr. Lazar, in this research facility at Area 51, was attempting to back-engineer the alien's gravitational field technology, with little success. He says the technology is at least 1000 years ahead of our own and basically produces a similar gravitational field to that of the Earth but slightly out of phase. This causes the two magnetic fields to repel each other. He says that mankind literally has centuries of advancement in science to make before we could even make our own rudimentary 'copy' of a flying saucer.

        It was around this time, (1948), that General Twining initiated his own Air Force investigation into the UFO situation. The investigation was termed Project Sign
and its aims were to collect and analyse as much information about flying saucers as possible, especially with regard to the characteristics and performance of the different types. Sign was supposed to be a public information project to explain away the phenomenon but its conclusions were considered dangerous and never publicised. The study proved that there was evidence of extra-terrestrial contact and the devices and craft of the aliens used technology far beyond our own capabilities. The Majic-12 committee was of course directly involved in these projects and they answered only to the President. They had vast army and military resources available to them and many research facilities and tracking stations were built. Initially the U.S. decided that the saucers entered our atmosphere in the polar regions and set up the first tracking stations in Alaska.

        All information passed through Majic-12 hands and on 22 May, 1949, one member, General James Forrestal, jumped to his death from a 16th storey hospital window. He had been sent for psychiatric evaluation as he was having difficulty dealing with the situation (understandably!).
Project Sign, which began in 1948, evolved into first Project Grunge, then later the larger scale Blue Book project, which investigated 11,800 UFO sightings between 1952 and 1969. Blue Book was headquartered at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. In fact, in July, 1952, a whole squadron of flying saucers flew over Washington DC, right over the White House and the Pentagon. The government's continued and completely 'stone-faced' denials of the incident were all that prevented nationwide panic. View images here.

        Now the USA were not only worried about the different aliens visiting their own shores but also about their impact on other world powers. There was much confusion and paranoia, especially between Russia and the US, and more than once a third world war almost eventuated. There had been many sightings around the world of UFOs, often in large formations, especially since the 1940-50s over central Europe and Russia. Nervous palms of anxious Generals itched over powerful nuclear warhead missile triggers. Something had to be done.
        That something was called 'The Assessment', a massive-scale study undertaken by NATO, beginning in late 1961 and ending in 1964. The head of NATO at this time was Air Marshall Sir Thomas Pike. The UFO information was collected at SHAPE Headquarters, the supreme command centre for the Allied Nations. Sgt. Maj. Robert Dean, an Intelligence Analyst, who began working at SHAPE on The Assessment in 1963 has spoken out to reveal the truth. According to him the conclusions of the study stunned the few senior military officers who had access to the Cosmic Top Secret (NATOs highest security code) documents.
The study revealed that the planet Earth is undergoing an extensive survey by several extra-terrestrial civilisations and that this surveying has been going on for some centuries, perhaps longer. The alien species indicated a higher intelligence to our own and their technology was at least 1000 years ahead of our own. The final portion of the conclusion stated that there did not seem to be any hostile or malevolent intent involved, but if there was there would be absolutely nothing we could do about it. There were also even more startling findings in The Assessment. One of the species looked exactly like us. They could put on some human clothes and go anywhere they please. The NATO Generals did not like that at all. The implications of this study were so astounding that it was forever buried. The information was just far too disruptive and the CIA immediately initiated a new broad educational program, integrating the efforts of all concerned agencies with two major aims, training and debunking. The CIA were sure they could reduce public interest in flying saucers. Air Force Regulation 200/2, passed on 26 August 1953, officially prohibits the release of news reports relating to unfamiliar items. Information may only be released once the object has been identified as a familiar object. The Joints Chiefs of Staff also imposed new regulations relating to UFOs which fall under espionage laws and the maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment.

        Sgt-Major Dean also revealed that, in 1961, a flying disc as long as a football field crashed near Timmensdorf, Germany. Twelve ET bodies were found inside. Their blood was not red, but a viscous greenish fluid. Apparently this disc was deeply buried where it landed as it was too large to move. Dean also reported that, in 1989, a 90-metre-wide UFO disc hovered for more than an hour over the headquarters of the Soviet Air Defence Command.
He also claims that NASA set up a scientific committee which came to the conclusion that there are an estimated 10 billion planets with intelligent life.

      Now here is where it really gets interesting, or should I say terrifying! On April 30, 1964, three flying saucers landed at Holloman Air Force Base. The purpose of their landing was to establish a discreet contact with the U.S. and the Majestic-12 committee in particular, previously agreed upon in radio telegraph communication with Edwards Air Force Base, (Project NQ707). Two of the craft took off after several moments and three aliens emerged from the last saucer. They were met by some Majic members as well as President Eisenhower, and two other intelligence officers. Apparently the aliens offered to allow Air Force technicians to view their craft. Reports say that the three aliens were very professional and diplomatic. Thus began the relationship which Majic first hoped to profit from. Contact has been maintained to this day under Project Sigma. During the period 1969-'71 the aliens, or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities as named by Dr. Detley Bronk, and Majic-12 negotiated an agreement. It seemed that the EBEs (the Grays) wanted something from the US Government after all. In exchange for technology the US would ignore the abductions that were already taking place. The Grays would provide a list of abductees at regular intervals. There are also several reports from prominent military figures that claim the aliens also required the use of work space for their own purposes, to be provided at several different military facilities. Check out the map of US underground bases here.

    ...These aliens are supposedly helping us as there is another reptilian species, very, very, advanced, that may soon threaten us.  Majic-12 was in no position to argue, even when the agreed upon numbers of abductions started to rise. The purpose of these abductions are as follows;

1. to insert a 3mm spherical monitoring/controlling device through the nasal cavity into the brain.
2. to initiate psycho-hypnotic suggestions for various activities over certain time periods.
3. female impregnation to acquire young embryos.
4. use of humans for genetic experiments and also as living sources biological tissue, organs, etc.
5. to terminate some individuals who pose some threat.

      The EBEs have a digestive disorder of some kind. Their digestive system does not function and the cause is not known. They cannot ingest through the mouth. It could be the aftermath of a horrible war in their civilisation or even long-term effects of their species reproduction through cloning. They soak in a solution containing human hormonal secretions and absorb this through their skin. They also exhume waste through their skin. This species of extra-terrestrials 'feeds' on human hormones. They can detect and extract hormones from your brain or anywhere in your body without touching you and without your knowledge. Such is their power that although it was apparent to Majic-12 that too many people were being abducted, there was unfortunately nothing they could do about it. But of course they still had a few tricks up their sleeves. The committee may have expanded to 15 members and are desperately working to gain some kind of leverage over the EBEs. Time-travel, believe it or not, is high on their list of potential weapons. They also use remote-viewers (Defence Department clairvoyants) to gather details about the extra-terrestrials visiting Earth. Remote-viewers have been used for decades by the CIA for intelligence gathering, including locating Saddam Hussein's hide-out in the Gulf War.

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