There are also many incidents concerning WWII pilots who reported UFOs pacing them, even showing off with incredible manoeuvres, before zooming off out of sight at speeds up to five times faster than that of our fighter planes capabilities at the time...  

In 1944, a Beaufort bomber flying over Bass Strait was joined by a UFO that flew alongside, some 150 feet away, for 18 minutes before quickly leaving. It was described by the pilot as a dark object with a flickering light/flame coming from the rear. The most famous and dramatic disappearing act though was performed by Frederick Valentich in his Cessna 182, the Delta Sierra Juliet, in 1978. Valentich, a civilian pilot, had flown the 69 minute journey from Moorabbin, Victoria, to King Island, Bass Strait, many times. Please see the official transcript between him and the Melbourne Flight Service Unit as he flew then disappeared off the radar over Bass Strait. He reported being tailed by a strange craft before his transmission was abruptly cut off.
      There have also been several famous sightings by commercial pilots from private airlines. On a flight from Brisbane to New Guinea in 1965, a UFO paced the Ansett-ANA DC-6b aircraft for approximately fifteen minutes. It was seen by the pilots and crew and was described as oblate in shape with exhaust gases. Some of the flight crew actually hurt themselves in the cockpit as they panicked on seeing the flying object. The pilots took photos of the object which were immediately confiscated, even the camera, on returning to Australia. As per normal officials denied anything unusual had occurred though the pilot Captain John Barker had this to say;
"I had always scoffed at these reports, but I saw it. We all saw it. It was under intelligent control, and it was certainly no known aircraft."

In 1968 during a flight between Perth and Adelaide the pilots witnessed a formation of UFOs including a main ship which split into two and connected with the other ships in the formation before joining back together. Check the details but their eight-seat Piper Navago lost communication to ground control which was restored after the UFOs had departed. In their statements the pilots ruled out explanation by balloons or tricks of light; "We conclude that the UFOs were in fact aircraft with the solidity of aircraft, except perhaps for the fact of the ability of the larger UFO to split and change shape slightly." There were many more famous sightings so please see Our Sightings Database for a catalogue of 100 Australian UFO sightings over the last century, and our recent (1990s) sightings pages.
During all these sightings our governments were not idly standing by. They have had their fair share of UFO cover-up accusations, perhaps not to the extent of our American counterparts, but almost certainly always warranted. One organisation that springs to mind is the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), which is part of Australia's Department of Defence and operates the primary defence research facility in Australia. The organisation's main role is to give professional advice to Australian Defence Forces on science and technology that is best suited to Australia's defence needs. The DSTO has a staff level of  2600, and an annual non-classified operating budget of around $235 million. The organisation has two major laboratories headquartered in Melbourne and in Salisbury, South Australia. DSTO also has outposted staff in various parts of Australia, and representatives in London, Washington and Bankok. They have had much success and have contributed greatly to our defence and tracking capabilities. But they have also discreetly contributed to the US Star Wars Program and receive additional funding from the Australian Government for their involvement. Government supporters include Robert Ray and Ian McLachlan, and Gareth Evans actively supported Canberra's participation in US missile defence programs during his term as Foreign Minister. In fact the former Labor Government was one of the most active foreign supporters of the US program. The Star Wars, or Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), was meant to produce a system of lasers in space that would destroy missiles before they reached America. However, $40 billion later they still have not achieved such a system. In 1995 DSTO invited the US to test anti-missile equipment at South Australia's Woomera rocket range and another test is scheduled soon.
      There have also been allegations that DSTO is directly involved in the UFO situation. There was a report by a mechanic who had worked at the facility on a number of craft with unfamiliar mechanical systems. Most were strangely-shaped and one was round. He was verbally told that some of these were UFOs and that alien bodies had been recovered from them. This same officer then informed him that there were several different species of alien, but two of them were externally like human beings though with different internal structures.

        Another story, by a well known journalist involves a television camera crew which was allowed into the Edinburgh branch of DSTO to make part of a corporate video for the RAAF, and they entered an off-limits building by mistake. They saw a saucer-shaped aircraft, and were about to examine it when military personnel noticed them and ushered them away, insisting that they not disclose what they had seen. There is another matter which concerns a document describing an Australian TOP SECRET operation called Project Apotheosis, regarding the transport of aliens from DSTOs' Salisbury facility to an unknown destination. Perhaps these aliens are the same ones that were aboard a saucer that crashed near Eyre Highway, Western Australia in December, 1977? Check the details here
but the two witnesses saw two aliens, one dead and one badly injured. They were immediately arrested by a military team that arrived soon after.

      Another notable Australian UFO related mystery is the purpose of the SIGNIT Satellite gathering station at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs. Our government insists it is simply a 'defence space research facility' but much evidence points to this station being much more than that. Pine Gap is one of the largest ground satellite stations in the world with massive capabilities and is operated by, and under the jurisdiction of the US. The site is essentially US soil. There is a drill-hole 8000m deep that contains a massive antenna capable of sending electronic charges outward into the ocean to recharge submarines. The station receives data from many geostationary SIGNIT satellites but in particular a group of satellites controlled by the CIA. Since 1969 there have been twice weekly flights to the US to deliver the thousands of reels of SIGNIT satellite data gathered at Pine Gap. The Australian Government does not know exactly what goes on at Pine Gap, or choses to ignore the extremely illegal intelligence gathering that takes place here. See an image and details here
. Some US personnel have even claimed there is a large underground section belonging to the American's and Majic's business partners, the hormone robbing Grays, from the Zeti Reticulae planet, in the system known as Zeta Reticuli. Whether or not these extra-terrestrials have quarters underground at Pine Gap is incidental, there is certainly sinister US behaviour there however. See the map of alleged US Underground Bases around the world here. And stay tuned to Australia's UFO Connection for further UFO news.

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