Aliens, UFOs, secret cover-ups, what does it all mean? It is a subject that is largely frowned upon by the majority of people, regarded as foolishness in 'proper' circles, not to mention religions, traditions and especially governments. But that does not change the fact that much of the theory is really truth. Not everything you read is the truth no matter how well intentioned the writer might have been, but then again not everything you read is a lie. Luckily we can usually access information via libraries, the internet and book stores, that can help us make up our minds about something, to some degree at least. We truly have the world at our fingertips. The point is that even if something sounds ridiculous at first it does not hurt to investigate further yourself. You could be amazed by how much evidence exists for various mysteries that supposedly did not occur! These days information is power and the more startling or dangerous that information, the more important it becomes. That is why real UFO or conspiracy evidence is so highly prized and closely guarded. Rest assured we will be doing our best to stay abreast of these issues and subsequently updating this section. Remember we have a detailed Australian UFO History page as well as the must-read What The USA Won't Say section which outlines their evolution to current UFO issues.

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