What was to later become The Philadelphia Experiment and cost many lives started out quite innocently. The U.S. simply wanted to find some way to demagnetise, or degauss, the hulls of their warships, many of which were often damaged or destroyed by German magnetic mines. They tested many kinds of copper but found that a cadeucceus copper coil would best suit their intended purpose. The U.S.S. Elldridge became the subject vessel for the big test in 1943. They decided that they could wind the cadeucceus coil into a toroid and place it in the hull and along its length. The hull would naturally conduct the field throughout the upper structures and decks. When the coil received power it was supposed to degauss the hull so the magnetic mines would not be attracted to it. The theory was that an electro-magnetic field would be created that would envelop the hull's normal magnetic field. Instead though they created an electro-magnetic field that was very unlike what they had planned. This unknown field somehow raised the amount of energy/substance contained within it. The U.S.S. Elldridge faded from view until it was completely invisible. Witnesses say they could see the space in the water along the ship's bowline where the hull would have been underwater. Moments later this 'hole' in the water was suddenly filled as water rushed in. The ship and everyone on board had gone.
      Some time later, the ship rematerialised at sea near Norfolk, Virginia. The result was catastrophic. Many of the crew had burned, completely, and were now piles of ash. Others had melded into the ship's superstructure, stairwells, railings, gun-turrets, even other shipmates. Some of these crew may still have been alive but died soon after. Others were dead or dying and miss-shapen from unknown causes. The survivors of the ordeal were left smouldering from the inside out. They were highly charged with this unknown electro-magnetic field. The rescuing teams all touched these smouldering survivors, dispersing the charge, but only for a short time. They referred to this cure as the 'laying of hands'. Many of these 'survivors' died over the next year from this slow burning, others went completely insane. There is an interesting story in Norfolk, Virginia's local paper. According to the front page story witnesses saw two navel soldiers drinking at a local pub. One of them started to scream, falling off his seat to the floor. The other soldier laid both his hands on his screaming mate's torso. The man stopped screaming. However when the injured soldier stood up he walked across the pub and straight through a wall. Witnesses are positive he did not appear on the other side of the wall.

      Well does it all sound just a little too much like far-fetched nonsense or could it actually have occurred? Lets look at what we know. Material or physical objects are only visible in low energy environments, dimensions of low density per unit volume of space. If the energy and density of something is increased by an amount large enough to equal it's electrons, then all the electrons within that object become indistinguishable from free space. If the energy and density is increased by an amount equal to the electrons and protein in an object, then all electrons and protein within an object will disappear from, or cease to exist in, our physical world. If at this point the energy increases once more then the object will completely dematerialise. What does this mean to the U.S.S. Elldridge? When this unknown electro-magnetic field was activated a quantum field was created within its core perimeters. This unknown field had enormous energy, equal to the number of electrons on the ship and when they ceased to exist within the field it drew protein from outside to equal that inside. This set off a chain reaction as neutrons and other sub-atomic particles collapse into the quantum field. The quantum field collapses into itself acquiring other dimension of time, space and motion in the process. This means that the ship, existing entirely within the quantum field could be in any part of the universe at once or all parts of the universe simultaneously. This travel through space and time could have been instant or it may have

taken centuries. Although the universe would have appeared the same to the crew on board the experience was reported to be like living in a bad nightmare, where nothing seems quite right and nothing makes sense.
      Project Rainbow (The Philadelphia Experiment) was funded to continue research into the phenomena encountered on the USS Elldridge. This project was concerned with the electromagnetic technology. Project engineers and scientists spent nearly ten years working out why human beings had troubles with electromagnetic fields that lofted them through different times and spaces. It now appears they discovered that humans are born with what is known as a 'time reference' point. At conception, an energy being (human) is attached to a time line and must begin life manifest as flesh from that point. To understand this, it is necessary to view the 'energy being' or soul as completely different from the physical body. Our references as both a physical and metaphysical being appears to have origin in the time reference residing within the electromagnetic background of Earth. This time reference is the basic orientation point to the way the universe operates. Time, in the normal context, appears always to flow in one direction; forward, at least to our limited senses. But the Rainbow technology apparently creates an alternate reality having its existence entirely within the quantum field, literally transferring material objects out of our 'normal' time and space. The alternate reality created by the shift has no time references because it is not part of the normal forward flow of time and normal rules do not apply. So scientists were faced with solving the problem of letting human test subjects get into and out of the quantum field without harm by somehow connecting them to a time reference they could recognise as the planet Earth. This meant that when they were in the alternate reality, they had to be equipped mentally with something that would give them a 'real time' reference. The answer lay in using psychics, Cray computers and electromagnetic computers to duplicate an individual's specific electromagnetic background, which was transmitted to them. Between 1981 and 1983 a large number of successful, if mostly tentative, excursions had been made forward and backward through time in parallel and alternate universes as well as projections back and forth in earth time. During the trips back into earth time, a number of significant historic political events were altered. They explored the vortex in Earth's past and future, sampling air and water and observing the evolution of society and the loss of natural resources, altering those events that would have caused natural or man-made disasters in the future. These alterations have bent the earth's time line and forced it out of its original direction and chronology. Those of us living since 1983 are not the people we would have become had not the time-trippers altered our time/space.