The U.S. began their covert experimentation as early as the 1950s. Apparently some very unfortunate animals and their offspring were the subject of Field Experiment #1593-GR. In this project scientists began their initial  tentative probing into gene manipulation. Their task was to 'meld' as many different animal species together as possible to create a single, and no doubt strange looking, creature that would have specific characteristics of its specially selected parents. They did have some success and certainly gained a wealth of information. There is nothing to suggest that this project does not still continue. It may in fact have evolved into Project Homeless which is definitely current. As the name indicates the subjects of these experiments are homeless men, women and children, selected from different parts of the country. Considered expendable these people are not usually missed. They are mainly taken to a facility within Indian Springs Air Force Base to unwillingly participate in genetic and psychological experiments. They are also used as test-subjects for different biological warfare agents.
      In 1979 the U.S. initiated Project Beastmaker. This project involved using their genetically manipulated creatures for the purpose of warfare. The success rate of this project was 14.37%, but it did yield an intelligent golden retriever dog that performed numerous intelligence functions. There was also the killer soldier created and designated 1787-P, or 'Outsider'. This project was moved from Fort Detrick, Maryland to Coonty Mountain, in Utah, in the 1980s.
      They have also allegedly tried to clone Jesus Christ from DNA particles taken from the Shroud of Turin. The reason for the termination of Field Experiment #3180-JC, the 'Christ Project", was a failure but only because they were unable to gain any control over the subjects they had genetically modified. The Christ Project re-emerged as Field Experiment #3186-JCA in 1986 due to renewed interest and funding. This time the focus was on on genetic manipulation rather than cloning. There is evidence to suggest that young children are used in these particular experiments.

      There is an incident which took place on 26 April 1978 that made US nationwide headlines. Field Experiment # 13417-T-137 was initiated to ascertain the variables involved in nerve gas warfare. They wanted to perfect open-air dispersal and judge the effects of weather and atmospheric conditions on potency and range. On the above date in April 417 civilians died as a result of this testing. The press were flatly told that it happened due to a truck containing chemical nerve gas overturning and leaking.
      There is also an incident which took place in 1973 in New Mexico and also involved a large number of people. A UFO crashed near a small town. There were alien survivors in the wreckage witnessed by most of the witnesses. Within one hour of its being reported the area was cordoned off by DERO soldiers. Observers close to the craft were shot by the paramilitary stormtroopers when they arrived. A total of 385 witnesses disappeared never to be seen again and a dangerous anthrax epidemic was blamed for their deaths and the quick removal and disappearance of the bodies. Below is a list of US facilities and their functions and also a list of current US Government Spy Satellites;

    1. Indian Springs, California; human experiments on homeless subjects collected in different areas. This
        facility was closed in 1978.
    2. Battle Mountain, Nevada; U.S. Army Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare Storage Facility.
    3. Thunder Mountain, Nevada; U.S. Air Force Headquarters Project Rainbow, weather manipulation.
    4. Fort Detrick, Maryland; U.S. Army Bacteriological and Chemical Warfare Experimental Laboratory.

    5. Langley, Virginia; CIA Headquarters, Experiments in Biological Weaponry, Psychological Warfare
    6. Dugway, Utah; Current Biological Experiments, Cloning, Biogenetic Engineering and Biological

Advanced KH-11, 5-inch-resolution photographs, (3) in orbit approx. 200 miles.
LaCrosse Radar Imaging, 3-10-foot-resolution photographs, (2) in orbit approx.200-400 miles.
Orion/Vortex, telecommunications surveillance, (3) in orbit approx. 22,300 miles.
Trumpe, cellular communications surveillance, (2) in orbit approx. 200-22,300 miles.
Parsae, Oceanic surveillance, (3) in orbit approx. 600 miles.
Data Systems Satellite, data relay, (2) in orbit approx. 200-22,300 miles.
Defence Support Program, early missile warning, (4+) in orbit approx. 22,300 miles.
Defence Meteorological Support Program, meteorology/nuclear blast detection, (2) in orbit approx. 500 miles.