Greetings truth-seekers and congratulation for you have come to the right place. We assure you this is no empty claim! So please, read on and decide for yourself.
      The main purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive catalogue of recent UFO sightings in Australia. We also have an Australian UFO history page, and photograph section with details about the images. Of course no site would be complete without some global perspective and our worldwide UFO photos are as extensive a collection as they come. Some of the pictures come from NASA sources, some from the U.S. military and elsewhere, but most of the images have previously been scientifically analysed to rule out hoaxes or photo tampering. These in our view are some of the best UFO images available.
      But for the real truth as seen through the eyes of the United States Government see our U.S.A. 'won't say' section. Finally, and to really get you wondering we have compiled some very factual based UFO and alien theories that could change your life. Or, report your Australian UFO sighting here.

      As if it needs mentioning but the reason for the scarcity of real and tangible evidence to finally prove that real alien spacecraft do visit our world is that; a) the aliens do not want to make themselves known to the general populace yet, and
                                      b) the governments of our planet agree with them.
Knowledge of extra-terrestrial visitors would have disastrous consequences to, well, pretty much everything! We have indeed a fragile system of  necessary absolutes. Whatever the extent of the outcome, one thing public knowledge would spell would be change, the knowledge that we are not alone WOULD cause significant change of some kind, good or bad. Governments do not like drastic change. In particular the United States Government, who has invested vast resources over many years into the UFO enigma, and fiercely guards her data. United States legislation also includes a law
banning its citizens from contact with extra-terrestrials, punishable by arrest, a fine and a jail sentence. Other nations humbly defer to America's authority with regards to the UFO matter.
In 1978 the United Nations demanded the first International UFO Statistics and recorded 63,144 potential encounters between 1947 and 1978. A 1980s Gallop poll revealed that over 1.6 million Australians claim to have seen a UFO (a 1996 poll found that 72% of Americans believe in extra-terrestrial life). So we do not need an affirmation of their existence from our respective governments. Surely there can no longer be any doubt. Alien visitors are here today, now. The real question is what do these aliens want? Are they going to kill us or turn us into slaves? Could they actually be our ancestors? The truth is that only the aliens know why they are here. Fair enough, so let us look at what we do know.

      We do know that around 10-30 thousand years ago something strange occurred in the evolution of Homo-Sapiens. The famous 'missing link'. For unknown reasons a new breed of human appeared and existed alongside Neanderthal man in Europe, and Cro-Magnon man in the Middle East. He did not evolve from them, he just appeared with no discernible evolutionary history. This new 'kind' of man had lost most of his body hair but had developed fatty tissue instead to keep him warm, and sweat glands to keep him cool. He walked upright and unlike his nomadic-stone-tool-hunter-gatherer-semi-primate-tree-and-cliff-dwelling friends, he lived in fairly permanent-monogamous-pair-law-making-technology-oriented-society. This sudden and huge leap in mankind's development cannot be explained, should be completely impossible, yet it did occur.

      Another reality is that our Milky Way galaxy contains approximately 200 billion stars.
Astro-physicists estimate that around 60% of these stars are contained in similar clusters to ours, with our group of nine planets in orbit around our sun. By the way, our sun is a G-2 type star, with a life span of some 12 billion years. It is less than 4 billion years old. With such a youthful sun Earth could be considered prime cosmic real estate! There are 47 of these similar sun-planet clusters within a vicinity of 16 light years to Earth alone. The statistical probability, as affirmed by numerous scientists and experts around the world, is high that life exist s on at least some of the planets in our galaxy. There is absolutely no reason to think it would not. In fact, why not view the actual equation to demonstrate the factors necessary for life (also picture of birth of a star).

      But since our sun is cosmically very young, that means that most of the other stars, (and associated civilisations), in the Milky Way are much older. If we look at what the human race has achieved over the last 50 years try to imagine what the next 100 years will bring. What about 500 years from now, or 2000 years. Star Trek here we come! We'll be zooming around the galaxy by then!
What about a civilisation that was 10,000 years older than us, or even 50,000 years older than us? They would be capable of just about anything. Crossing space would be a breeze. Even we have our own Theory of Relativity which explains how in faster than light travel time almost stops. Thus one could travel vast distances at this speed (300,000km per second, earth to sun in 8 minutes)  and still be there at the end of the trip. One light year equals 10 trillion km (10,000,000,000,000,000km).

      Although it is likely that there is more than one way to travel these huge distances. The vacuum space left by a collapsing star is said to be a quantum field of zero-time,
where you can move forward through space and backwards through time. Einstein named this a Rossel Bridge. The point is that there is nothing to disprove the very real probability that if aliens did exist in a far off planet they would surely have the technology to travel to our space, because we will soon have the technology to travel to theirs.

      Even if one does not believe that extra-terrestrials exist on Earth right now, it has to be said that there must be at least a possibility of their existence somewhere in our vast universe. Everything points to this. One cannot completely rule out extra-terrestrial existence, it should not be ignored. So for the sceptical reader, please enjoy the site and prepare to be awakened!!!

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